Respirator masks

Product number: 03701

The X-plore single-filter full-face mask consists of a mask body made of skin-friendly silicone respectively of EPDM. The large-area lens is made of polycarbonate for high impact resistance, high bending elasticity and low weight, and of Triplex laminated safety glass for use in extreme conditions. Double stainless steel tensioning frame with triple sealing line. Comfortable five-point strap for easy and quick donning of the mask. Standard round thread connection Rd40.

The particle filtering face pieces for protection against fine dust as well as solid and liquid particles with protection class FFP2 (filter efficiency min 94%, marking xx20) or FFP3 (99%, xx30).

These masks can be worn with our non-ventilated protective suits:

Protective suit DONALD

Protective suit GEMINI

Protective suit WEGA

Protective suit TYCHEM-C

Protective suit SPC 2400

Protective drysuit PEGASUS

Working apron

Respirator masks